Kukamuka Throw Pillow Collection Brings Nature Inside

For the first Canadian Collection, Kukamuka partnered with a Vancouver-based Pillow Décor in creating an exclusive throw pillow collection. The Kukamuka collection is inspired by the untamed wilderness and peacefulness of nature: treasures collected on long beach walks and  the light of the autumn forest.

The Kukamuka Throw Pillow Collection is available in three sizes and in five designs: Lily, Kivi, Meri, Eka and Hay. The felt fabric feels luxurious and elegant, though it’s perfect for everyday use, it’s unfuzzy and easy to care. 

The pillows are printed in four colours – yellow, blue, sage green and burgundy red. Kukamuka created a collection that feels modern and it’s also playful and fun, it’s an invitation to mix and match different colours and sizes to give a personal touch to any room.

About Kukamuka

Designer and artist Päivi Vähälä lives and works in Vienna, Austria, she has exhibited internationally in museums and galleries. Her work is included in various public and private collections. 
More: paivivahala.com
2011 she started to produce her designs, under the name Tuukia Art Fabrics, with an own shop in Vienna, until 2014. Now she puts the focus on creating new patterns and designs for her Kukamuka. 

Päivi was happy to be able to work together with Graphic Designer Petra Kaksonen. Petra was also managing the Kukamuka website and social media accounts. She now takes care of the Throw Pillow Collection in Canada until 2021. The great photos of the Kukamuka Throw Pillows are creations of Petra. 

Order Kukamuka Throw Pillows at www.ukuru.com directly with Petra, or www.pillowdecor.com


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