About Kukamuka

My name is Päivi Vähälä, native Finnish, living and working in Vienna, Austria. I’m designer and artist. My art has been shown in international exhibitions in museums and galleries and I have works in various public and private collections. More: www.paivivahala.com   

In the year of 2011, in parallel to my art work, I started to produce digital printings from paintings and drawings for textiles under the name of Tuukia Art Fabrics. During that time I worked with a great computer expert and graphic designer Karin Oftner Wandl, with whom we worked out the needed changes on computer to get a fabric out of the paintings. I produced just few different fabrics which were printed in Holland and Poland for me and ran an own shop in Vienna with products made of these fabrics.                                                            

2017 I again started creating new patterns and designs under the name of Kukamuka additionally to hundreds of sketches, ideas and ready patterns additional to my art work. I looked for an assistant to handle the digital programs. So I got in contact with graphic designer Petra Kaksonen with whom we had 2017 – 2019 a collaboration par excellence. I didn’t want to produce fabrics myself any more, my works are the designs and patterns, now I have lots of them.  


Päivi Vähälä

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