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Copying, transferring or distributing any of the the patterns and designs of Kukamuka in any form without permission is not permitted.


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We create exclusive collections together with producers of high quality, sustainable and long-lasting products that add value and joy into our lives.


Kukamuka is a collaboration of two designers both originally from Finland. Artist Päivi Vähälä lives and works in Vienna and designer Petra Kaksonen has worked as an art director in Canada’s major publications in Vancouver for the past 20 years.


If you’re interested in working together or would like to view our catalogue, please contact us.


Born in Finland, I studied at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna where I also worked as an instructor in the master class for textile art from 1987 to 2009. My artwork was exhibited internationally in museums and galleries. Some of these works are a part of public and private collections.

Finnish art critic Timo Valjakka summed up the essence of my tapestries beautifully: ‘One need not be an expert on textile art to understand that Vähälä is one of the top class artists of her genre. Her expression is precise and richly nuanced. Her skill as an artist can be seen foremost in the effortlessness, with which she translates the immediacy characteristic of drawings and watercolors into her deliberate, and painstakingly created tapestries.’



I grew up in North Karelia, Finland. My feisty, fashion-forward grandmother dressed me in polkadots and stripes and my love for bold patterns and textiles blossomed early in my life. Always on a look out for new adventures, I left Finland at a young age to wander the world working my way through more than 50 countries. Vancouver is now home.


I continue to be inspired by the places and cultures I’ve encountered over the years. Especially my time in Japan has left a lasting impression on me. In design as in life, I appreciate simplicity and quality with some unexpected surprises thrown into the mix–a modern wabi-sabi fused with Nordic Design.